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 nitePR psp cheat device

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Monarch Skills
Monarch Skills

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PostSubject: nitePR psp cheat device   Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:11 pm

hey well this is the nitePR cheat device

well to use it to need the followin:hacked psp(needs cfw),winRAR

well to put it on ur psp follow these steps: it(duh)

2.extract it using winRAR the "nitePR_revK_STABLE" folder the folder called "Files"

5.therll be a folder called "3.71m33 only" and another folder called "ALL OTHER FIRMWARES" open up the folder with the cfw you have on this case my psp cfw is 5.50 gen d3 so i oen up "ALL OTHER FIRMWARES"

6.put the "seplugins" folder on the root of your psp or if you already have a "seplugins" folder put all the files in ther

7.when it is the root of you memory stick open up "seplugins" and then open up the folder called "nitePR" and if you see any files ther delete it.

8.inside the empty folder rite clik and clik new then clik text document the text document the region code of your game for example for me- i use "Star Wars-Battlefront-Elite Squadron" and the region code for me will be "ULUS-10390" up ur text document and copy and paste all the codes you want(you can find these codes in this website)

11. now on your psp go on you game UMD/ISO/CSO

12.on the game clik the "home" button twice and then hold the "volume+ button" and the "volume-" button until a screen pops up saying nitePR

13.clik "X" on the code you want and them close the screen by pressing "O" activate ur codes press the music button next to the select button.

15. and ther thts sone thts all u need to do adn have a good time pwning sum noobs

all of this above steps^^^^^^^^ was all used using microsoft system im sorry bout u mac ppl but if have used a microsoft operating system then u mac ppl should understand how to do this

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Monarch Skills
Monarch Skills

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PostSubject: Re: nitePR psp cheat device   Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:33 am

Great nitepr guided
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nitePR psp cheat device
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