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 Need for Speed Pro Street (ULUS-10331)

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Monarch Skills

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Need for Speed Pro Street (ULUS-10331) Empty
PostSubject: Need for Speed Pro Street (ULUS-10331)   Need for Speed Pro Street (ULUS-10331) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 12:42 am

#Account Deleter
;Credit: TheEliteOne
;VIP Release
0x00C9259C 0x00000000
0x00C925A0 0x00000000
0x00C925A4 0x00000000
0x00C925A8 0x00000000

#Invisable Tracks
;By Xx958xX
;Works on half the track
;When you turn on the sky will change and some part of the track will be
0x003D1508 0x000001A0
0x003D1510 0x1B44C18F
0x003D1514 0x424EA77E
0x003D169C 0x000009B8
0x003D208C 0xC407B300
0x003D2090 0x42B1CD00
0x003D2094 0x3E2BE900
0x003D2650 0x00006A4A
0x003D2654 0x00006A62
0x003D933C 0x0006FB12
0x003D9340 0x0006FB12
0x003D9344 0x0006FAEA
0x003E53F8 0x000012E0
0x003E53FC 0x000012E0
0x003E5404 0x3BB99C8C
0x003E540C 0x00000965
0x003E5418 0x4262AF5D
0x003E541C 0x00000D0D
0x003E5420 0x00000D0D
0x003E542C 0x3B8DF188
0x003E5430 0x000006A7
0x003E7DBC 0xE4BB3E3C
0x003E7DD0 0x3DE3127E
0x003EAAD8 0x000006B9
0x003EEB4C 0x43EBC739
0x003EEB50 0xC2DAEA9B
0x003EEB60 0x43ECA039
0x003EEB64 0xC2E2298F
0x003EEB74 0x43EBC739
0x003EEB78 0xC2DAEA9B
0x003EEB88 0x43ECA039
0x003EEB8C 0xC2E2298F
0x003EEB9C 0x43E97B90
0x003EEBA0 0xC2DF5ACA
0x003EEBB0 0x43EA61D2
0x003EEBB4 0xC2E68000
0x003EEBC4 0x43E97B90
0x003EEBC8 0xC2DF5ACA
0x003EEBD8 0x43EA61D2
0x003EEBDC 0xC2E68000
0x003EEBEC 0x43E805D0
0x003EEBF0 0xC2E25945
0x003EEC00 0x43E8F1FC
0x003EEC04 0xC2E97261
0x003EEC14 0x43E805D0
0x003EEC18 0xC2E25945
0x003EEC28 0x43E8F1FC
0x003EEC2C 0xC2E97261
0x003EEC3C 0x43E56256
0x003EEC40 0xC2E7DD2F
0x003EEC50 0x43E64E08
0x003EEC54 0xC2EEF745
0x003EEC64 0x43E56256
0x003EEC68 0xC2E7DD2F
0x003EEC78 0x43E64E08
0x003EEC7C 0xC2EEF745
0x003EEC8C 0x43E4005D
0x003EEC90 0xC2EAB0E1
0x003EECA0 0x43E4E603
0x003EECA4 0xC2F1D74F
0x003EECB4 0x43E4005D
0x003EECB8 0xC2EAB0E1
0x003EECC8 0x43E4E603
0x003EECCC 0xC2F1D74F
0x003F044C 0x43ECA039
0x003F0450 0xC2E2298F
0x003F0460 0x43ECA039
0x003F0464 0xC2E2298F
0x003F0474 0x43ECA039
0x003F0478 0xC2E2298F
0x003F0488 0x43ECA039
0x003F048C 0xC2E2298F
0x003F049C 0x43EA61D2
0x003F04A0 0xC2E68000
0x003F04B0 0x43EA61D2
0x003F04B4 0xC2E68000
0x003F04C4 0x43EA61D2
0x003F04C8 0xC2E68000
0x003F04D8 0x43EA61D2
0x003F04DC 0xC2E68000
0x003F04EC 0x43E8F1FC
0x003F04F0 0xC2E97261
0x003F0500 0x43E8F1FC
0x003F0504 0xC2E97261
0x003F0514 0x43E8F1FC
0x003F0518 0xC2E97261
0x003F0528 0x43E8F1FC
0x003F052C 0xC2E97261
0x003F053C 0x43E64E08
0x003F0540 0xC2EEF745
0x003F0550 0x43E64E08
0x003F0554 0xC2EEF745
0x003F0564 0x43E64E08
0x003F0568 0xC2EEF745
0x003F0578 0x43E64E08
0x003F057C 0xC2EEF745
0x003F058C 0x43E4E603
0x003F0590 0xC2F1D74F
0x003F05A0 0x43E4E603
0x003F05A4 0xC2F1D74F

#Inf people in ad hoc game
;By Xx958xX
;idk if the game will start
0x00404A2C 0x3B9AC9FF

#Campain stats 0 Colision
;By Xx958xX
0x009FB0A4 0x00000000

#Offline Name Imposter
;By Xx958xX
;Set at a blank name
0x00471050 0x00000000
0x009FB150 0x00000000
0x011D6600 0x00000000
0x012B4364 0x00000000
0x012B5928 0x00000000
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Need for Speed Pro Street (ULUS-10331)
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