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 Twisted Metal: Head On (UCUS-98601)

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Monarch Skills
Monarch Skills

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Twisted Metal: Head On (UCUS-98601) Empty
PostSubject: Twisted Metal: Head On (UCUS-98601)   Twisted Metal: Head On (UCUS-98601) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 12:51 am

#Hyper drive
0x002291CC 0x3F816000

#Weird Block Mode
0x0020ED14 0x99999999

#Inf Health
0x016005B2 0xC8
0x0160328A 0xC8
0x01601794 0xC8
0x00160179 0x88
0x016012B0 0xC8
0x016012B2 0xC8
0x016005B0 0xC8
0x01605682 0xC8
0x01606866 0xC8
0x0160686A 0xC8
0x016020A2 0xC8
0x016020A0 0xC8
0x01602DA2 0xC8
0x01602DA0 0xC8
0x016026D6 0xC8
0x003793D6 0xC8
0x003793C8 0xC8
0x003939C2 0xC8
0x003793CA 0xC8
0x015EAD92 0xC8
0x015EBF78 0xC8
0x01608C62 0xC8

#Super Jump (keep taping X)
0x016003B8 0x00

#Inf Turbo
0x01601796 0x96

#Inf Stamina
0x0160179A 0x96

#all weapons & inff ammo
0x01602BD8 0x05
0x01600820 0x04
0x016010E4 0x04
0x016007B4 0x04
0x0160088C 0x04
0x01600BE4 0x04
0x016008F8 0x04
0x01600964 0x04
0x01600C74 0x04
0x016009C0 0x04
0x01602BD4 0x04
0x016061B4 0x04
0x016058F0 0x04
0x01605A90 0x04
0x01605884 0x04
0x01605CB4 0x04
0x0160595C 0x04
0x016026D4 0x04
0x00365E3D 0x04
0x01602310 0x04
0x016022A4 0x04
0x0160237C 0x04
0x016023E8 0x04
0x01602764 0x04
0x01602454 0x04
0x016024B0 0x04
0x015EB454 0x04
0x015EB8C4 0x04
0x015EB000 0x04
0x015EAF94 0x04
0x015EB3C4 0x04
0x015EB0D8 0x04
0x015EB1A0 0x04
0x015EB06C 0x04
0x015EB144 0x04
0x01609794 0x04
0x01609798 0x04

#car clipping
0x0000F03C 0x03E00008

#Sky Driver
0x015FFFDB 0x00
0x01601ACB 0x00

0x0023D22C 0x000000CF


0x003D1F34 0x13
0x003D1F35 0x0E
0x003D1F36 0x03
0x003D1F37 0x10
0x003D1F38 0x14
0x003D1F39 0x11
0x003D1F3A 0x36
0x003D1F3B 0x39
0x003D1F3C 0x11
0x003D1F3D 0x15
0x003D1F3E 0x0F
0x003D1F3F 0x03
0x003D1F40 0x0E
0x003D1F41 0x13
0x003D1F42 0x00

0x003D1F34 0x0E
0x003D1F35 0x0A
0x003D1F36 0x10
0x003D1F37 0x0A
0x003D1F38 0x11
0x003D1F39 0x0A
0x003D1F3A 0x36
0x003D1F3C 0x39
0x003D1F3D 0x0A
0x003D1F3E 0x11
0x003D1F3F 0x0A
0x003D1F40 0x10
0x003D1F41 0x0A
0x003D1F42 0x0E
0x003D1F3B 0x0A

#Room Name
0x0165DCC8 0x46
0x0165DCC9 0x55
0x0166ECCA 0x87
0x0165DCCB 0x4B
0x0165DCCC 0x20
0x0165DCCD 0x41
0x0165DCCE 0x4C
0x0165DCCF 0x4C
0x0165DCD0 0x20
0x0165DCD1 0x4E
0x0165DCD2 0x4F
0x0165DCD3 0x4E
0x0165DCD4 0x20
0x0165DCD4 0x48
0x0165DCD5 0x41
0x0165DCD6 0x43
0x0165DCD7 0x4B
0x0165DCD8 0x45
0x0165DCD9 0x52
0x0165DCDA 0x20
0x0165DCDC 0x54
0x0165DCDD 0x48
0x0165DCDE 0x45
0x0165DCDF 0x49
0x0165DCE0 0x52
0x0165DCE1 0x20
0x0165DCE2 0x4A
0x0165DCE3 0x45
0x0165DCE4 0x41
0x0165DCE5 0x4C
0x0165DCE6 0x4F
0x0165DCE7 0x55
0x0165DCE8 0x53
0x0165DCE9 0x00
0x0165DCEA 0x00
0x0165DCEB 0x00
0x0165DCEC 0x00
0x0165DCED 0x00
0x0165DCEE 0x00

#Text Mod
0x0165B52E 0x50
0x0165B530 0x4C
0x0165B532 0x41
0x0165B534 0x59
0x0165B536 0x45
0x0165B538 0x52
0x0165B53A 0x20
0x0165B53C 0x49
0x0165B53E 0x53
0x0165B540 0x47
0x0165B542 0x34
0x0165B544 0x59
0x0165B546 0x41
0x0165B548 0x41
0x0165B54A 0x41
0x0165B54C 0x41
0x0165B54E 0x0A
0x0165B550 0x41
0x0165B552 0x41
0x0165B554 0x41
0x0165B558 0x41
0x0165B55A 0x41
0x0165B55C 0x41
0x0165B55E 0x0A
0x0165B560 0x41

#Instant Start
0x0165B5E0 0x00000000

#Creating Game
0x00233CC0 0x00000001

;Must Hit Somthing

0x0022a6e4 0x3d200000
0x0022a6e8 0x3d200000

#Funky Color Cars
0x0018ee20 0x4100

#Boucy Walls
0x0022a6ca 0x4200

;Must Hit Somthing
0x0022a6e4 0x3d200000
0x0022a6e8 0x3d200000

#SmokE OuT
;Alot oF exahust fumes
0x0022a790 0x42000000

#Party Bus
0x0022a738 0x46400000

0x002291d0 0x40100000

0x002291d0 0x40520000

#Text Size (BiG)
0x00349236 0x3fdd
0x00349232 0x3fdd

#Text Size (Small)
0x00349236 0x3edd
0x00349232 0x3edd

#Remove ground
0x0038ab5a 0x4000

#Drunk Driving
0x000385c8 0x10a00006

#Freeze Cars
0x0003b2e8 0x1080002a

#Freeze Yourself
0x0003b198 0x3c063988

#Freeze Carsv2
0x0003b2cc 0x50c50006

#Freeze Cardsv3
0x00021474 0x03E00008

#Lock Your Action
0x000c18e4 0x03E00008

0x0003b198 0x3c063d88
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Twisted Metal: Head On (UCUS-98601)
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