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 The Godfather: Mob Wars (ULUS-10098)

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Monarch Skills
Monarch Skills

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The Godfather: Mob Wars (ULUS-10098) Empty
PostSubject: The Godfather: Mob Wars (ULUS-10098)   The Godfather: Mob Wars (ULUS-10098) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 12:52 am

#!Infinite Health
0x005E871A 0xBE
0x005E8722 0xBE

#Max Cash
0x0052F4DC 0x000F423F
0x0052F4E0 0x000F423F

#100 Skill Points
0x0117182A 0xC8
0x0117182B 0x42

#!Infinite ammo and no reload all
0x00550390 0x64
0x00550398 0x64
0x005E8D8C 0x64

#Inf Ammo (Tommy Gun)
0x006C8448 0x63
0x005E8D98 0x63

#Inf Ammo (ShotGun)
0x006C87C8 0x63
0x005E8D9C 0x63

#Inf Ammo (Dynamite)
0x005E8CC0 0x63

#Inf Ammo (Molotov)
0x005E8CAC 0x63

#Inf Ammo (Magnum)
0x005380A8 0x63
0x005E8D94 0x63

#Inf Ammo (.38)
0x00537988 0x63
0x005E8D8C 0x63

#Inf Ammo (Pistol)
0x00537D18 0x63
0x005E8D90 0x635E8D90
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The Godfather: Mob Wars (ULUS-10098)
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