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 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 (ULUS-10452)

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Monarch Skills
Monarch Skills

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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 (ULUS-10452) Empty
PostSubject: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 (ULUS-10452)   WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 (ULUS-10452) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 12:57 am

#Air Walker
;Only enable in the game
;Credit Demon God
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00399EB0
0x00000114 0xC2B5E2DF

#Iron Man Match - 99 wins
;Credit Demon God
0x0039CE94 0x63

#Unlock All
;Characters, Stages & Attires
;Credit Demon God
0x00542FD4 0x11111111
0x00542FD8 0x11111111
0x00542FDC 0x11111111
0x00542FE0 0x11111111
0x00542FE4 0x11111111
0x00542FE8 0x11111111
0x00542FEC 0x11111111
0x00542FF0 0x11111111
0x00542FF4 0x11111111
0x00542FF8 0x11111111
0x00542FFC 0x11111111

#Max Attributes for CAW 1
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0044A3C4 0x63636363
0x0044A3C0 0x63636363
0x0044A3BC 0x63636363
0x0044A3B8 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for CAW 2
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0044BC7C 0x63636363
0x0044BC78 0x63636363
0x0044BC74 0x63636363
0x0044BC70 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for CAW 3
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0044D534 0x63636363
0x0044D530 0x63636363
0x0044D52C 0x63636363
0x0044D528 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for CAW 4
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0044EDEC 0x63636363
0x0044EDE8 0x63636363
0x0044EDE4 0x63636363
0x0044EDE0 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for CAW 5
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x004506A4 0x63636363
0x004506A0 0x63636363
0x0045069C 0x63636363
0x00450698 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for CAW 6
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x00451F5C 0x63636363
0x00451F58 0x63636363
0x00451F54 0x63636363
0x00451F50 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for Batista
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x004406B0 0x63636363
0x004406B4 0x63636363
0x004406B8 0x63636363
0x004406BC 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for Undertaker
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0043CCCC 0x63636363
0x0043CCD0 0x63636363
0x0043CCD4 0x63636363
0x0043CCD8 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for Edge
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0043D3E8 0x63636363
0x0043D3EC 0x63636363
0x0043D3F0 0x63636363
0x0043D3F4 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for John Cena
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0043F15C 0x63636363
0x0043F160 0x63636363
0x0043F164 0x63636363
0x0043F168 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for Kane
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0043D0DC 0x63636363
0x0043D0E0 0x63636363
0x0043D0E4 0x63636363
0x0043D0E8 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for Randy Orton
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x004407B4 0x63636363
0x004407B8 0x63636363
0x004407BC 0x63636363
0x004407C0 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for The Rock
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0043C9C0 0x63636363
0x0043C9C4 0x63636363
0x0043C9C8 0x63636363
0x0043C9CC 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for Shawn Michaels
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0043F774 0x63636363
0x0043F778 0x63636363
0x0043F77C 0x63636363
0x0043F780 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for Triple H
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0043CBC8 0x63636363
0x0043CBCC 0x63636363
0x0043CBD0 0x63636363
0x0043CBD4 0x63636363

#Max Attributes for Chris Jericho
;100 Overall
;Credit Demon God
0x0043CDD0 0x63636363
0x0043CDD4 0x63636363
0x0043CDD8 0x63636363
0x0043CDDC 0x63636363

#The Rock
0x00542FEE 0x00000001

#"Cowboy" Bob Orton
0x00542FEF 0x00000001

#"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
0x00542FF0 0x00000001

#Ezikiel Jackson
0x00542FEB 0x00000001

#Dusty Rhodes
0x00542FF0 0x00000001

#Million Dollarman
0x00542FF1 0x00000001

0x00542FE9 0x00000001

#Red Model
0x00542FF3 0x00000001

#Green Model
0x00542FF2 0x00000001

#Trish Stratus
0x00542FEA 0x00000001

#Champion of Champions Championship
0x00542FE7 0x00000001

#The Dirt Sheet Arena
0x00542FE4 0x00000001

#Office Stage Brawl
0x00542FE1 0x00000001

#Locker Room Brawl
0x00542FE2 0x00000001

#Interview Space Brawl
0x00542FE3 0x00000001

#Alternate Attire: Randy Orton(Special Ref)
0x00542FD8 0x00000001

#Alternate Attire: Shawn Michael's(Shirt)
0x00542FD4 0x00000001

#Alternate Attire: Shawn Michael's(DX Gear)
0x00542FD7 0x00000001

#Alternate Attire: Jericho
0x00542FD5 0x00000001

#Alternate Attire: JBL
0x00542FD6 0x00000001
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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 (ULUS-10452)
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