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 Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (ULUS-10310 )

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Monarch Skills
Monarch Skills

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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (ULUS-10310 ) Empty
PostSubject: Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (ULUS-10310 )   Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (ULUS-10310 ) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 12:14 am

0x0016ADC0 0x40A0

#Super Flash
0x0016ADC0 0x3C044100

#Extreme Flash
; By Jet.HaCkR
0x0016ADC0 0x3C044153

#Crouch Flash
;By Jet.HaCkR
0x0063aee8 0x4180b99a
0x0063aeec 0x4180b99a
0x0063aef0 0x4180b99a

#Flash Only For Run
0x00180550 0x3C044000

#Infinite Stamina
0xFFFFFFFF 0x006286DC
0x00002168 0x42C80000

#Inf Ammo
;Credit GameShark
;Inf health offline
0x006369D8 0x00010001

#Game Speed
0x0054ED68 0x9F9F9F9F

0xFFFFFFFF 0x006286DC
0x000004C4 0xFFFF0000

#Invisibility(Can kill with guns)
0xFFFFFFFF 0x006286DC
0x000004C4 0x0FFF0000

#Universal Skywalker Auto Crouch
; by RTCFlash
0xFFFFFFFF 0x006286DC
0x00000290 0x01020345
;Crouch flash
;By Jet.HaCkR
0x0063aee8 0x4180b99a
0x0063aeec 0x4180b99a
0x0063aef0 0x4180b99a

#Sticky Nades
0x0020B4D8 0x3F80

#High Nades
0x0020CD6C 0x4080

#--(Shotgun Explosives [All Maps] )--
;By Jet.HackR
0x00fa1f84 0xbc289eae
0x00fa1fb0 0x00080000
0x00f6b0e4 0xbc289eae
0x00f6b110 0x00080000
0x00f6d054 0xbc289eae
0x00f6d080 0x00080000
0x00dfa624 0xbc289eae
0x00dfa650 0x00080000
0x00f48ff4 0xbc289eae
0x00f49020 0x00080000
0x00f901a4 0xbc289eae
0x00f901D0 0x00080000
0x00Dfbbe4 0xbc289eae
0x00Dfbc10 0x00080000
0x00f48744 0xbc289eae
0x00f48770 0x00080000
0x00fa5b24 0xbc289eae
0x00fa5b50 0x00080000
0x00f6ce74 0xbc289eae
0x00f6cea0 0x00080000
0x00dfa444 0xbc289eae
0x00dfa470 0x00080000
0x00f49594 0xbc289eae
0x00f495c0 0x00080000
0x00f910a4 0xbc289eae
0x00f910d0 0x00080000
0x00f6ab44 0xbc289eae
0x00f6ab70 0x00080000

#--(Shotgun Shoot Grenades [All Maps] )--
;By Jet.HackR
0x00fa1f84 0xe19620af
0x00fa1fb0 0x00080000
0x00f6b0e4 0xe19620af
0x00f6b110 0x00080000
0x00f6d054 0xe19620af
0x00f6d080 0x00080000
0x00dfa624 0xe19620af
0x00dfa650 0x00080000
0x00f48ff4 0xe19620af
0x00f49020 0x00080000
0x00f901a4 0xe19620af
0x00f901D0 0x00080000
0x00Dfbbe4 0xe19620af
0x00Dfbc10 0x00080000
0x00f48744 0xe19620af
0x00f48770 0x00080000
0x00fa5b24 0xe19620af
0x00fa5b50 0x00080000
0x00f6ce74 0xe19620af
0x00f6cea0 0x00080000
0x00dfa444 0xe19620af
0x00dfa470 0x00080000
0x00f49594 0xe19620af
0x00f495c0 0x00080000
0x00f910a4 0xe19620af
0x00f910d0 0x00080000
0x00f6ab44 0xe19620af
0x00f6ab70 0x00080000

#Thompson Blast
;Cheat HZ to 15
;DM Port
0x00FA6A50 0x00450045
;DM Sewers
0x00DFAFB8 0x00450045
;DM City
0x00F6D620 0x00450045
;DM Monastery
0x00F903B0 0x00450045
;DM Village
0x00F49200 0x00450045
;TDM City
0x00F6C720 0x00450045
;TDM Port
0x00FA0ED0 0x00450045
;TDM Sewers
0x00DFB190 0x00450045
;TDM Village
0x00F486C0 0x00450045
;TDM Monestary
0x00F8FC30 0x00450045
;CTF Sewers
0x00DFB850 0x00450045
;CTF Village
0x00F492B0 0x00450045

#M1 Explosives [DM]
;DM Port
0x00FA6C04 0xBC289EAE
0x00FA6C30 0x00010000
;DM City
0x00F6D414 0xBC289EAE
0x00F6D440 0x00010000
;DM Sewers
0x00DFB164 0xBC289EAE
0x00DFB190 0x00010000
;DM Village
0x00F48C34 0xBC289EAE
0x00F48C60 0x00010000
;DM Monastery
0x00F90924 0xBC289EAE
0x00F90950 0x00010000
;DM Base
0x00F6B0E4 0xBC289EAE
0x00F6B110 0x00010000

#Spy X-only enable 1
;only enable 1
0x0072E614 0x00000000
0x00760614 0x00000000

#Spy Z-only enable 1
;only enable 1
0x0072E618 0x00000000
0x00760618 0x00000000

#Spy Y-only enable 1
;only enable 1
0x0072E61C 0x00000000
0x0076061C 0x00000000

#99999999 People Online
0x01276E78 0x05F5E0FF

;credit StR8KrAzY
0x00658264 0x496337DE

#Anti Vote
;Does NOT Add to your score
0x00658b7c 0x00000000
0x00658b80 0x00000000
0x00658b84 0x00000000
0x00658b88 0x00000000

#Walk Through Walls
0x00240050 0x2F00

#Super Nova Explosions
0x000F648C 0x4000

#Perfect weapon view
;address found by pircedood
;one of my first codes
;btw tyger is codeman
0x000849AC 0x3C053F90

#Red Tint Screen
;Fixed randomness
0x000FD72C 0x3C086B00

#Tint Screen
;Red Online
;Blue Offline
0x000FD72C 0x4100

#Drunk Mode
0x0072E61D 0x00

#1000+ Kills
0x0065877C 0x00000408

0x0064C644 0xFFFFFFFF

0xFFFFFFFF 0x006286DC
0x000004C4 0xEFEFEFEF

#Repeating Particles
;Jungle All Shots Will Repeat
0x00555Bc0 0x46248B78

#Fast reflex
0x0005D7B0 0x3F04FFFF

#Ammo > $$$$
;By Jet.HaCkR
;Cheat Hz 15
0x013D5DAC 0x00240024
0x013D5DB0 0x00240024

#Universal Crosshair
0x013F3FC0 0x0101FF01

#More Accurate Cross Hairs
0x013F3FF4 0x03E00008

#More Accurate Cross Hairs v2
0x013F3FF8 0x03E00008

0x00658B7C 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00658B80 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00658B84 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00658B88 0x0000FFFF
0x00658B8C 0x00000000
0x00658B90 0x00000000
0x00658B94 0x00000000
0x00658B98 0x00000000

#Beast Mode [L+R - KILL]
;Hold L+R
;Activate instant Nades
;Throw and kill yourself
;Then activate this and Hold L+R
;To kill the person
0x00001000 0x3c1908a1
0x00001008 0x3c1808dd
0x0000100c 0x87183068
0x00001010 0x240f0300
0x00001018 0x130f0006
0x00001020 0x3c0e1000
0x00001024 0x25ce0008
0x00001028 0xaf2ecb68
0x0000102c 0x03e00008
0x00001034 0x3c0e0000
0x00001038 0x25ce0000
0x0000103c 0xaf2ecb68
0x00001040 0x03e00008
0x0016adc4 0x0a200400
0x0017E24C 0x03e00008

#Teleport To Tower
;Use In Port Only
;By Jet.HaCkR
0x0138b9d0 0x42c25621
0x0138b9d4 0xc27da3b4
0x0138b9d8 0x40c38e13
0x0138b9dc 0x3e91cbc6
0x0138b9e0 0x42c25621
0x0138b9e4 0xc27da3b4
0x0138b9e8 0x40c38e13
0x0138b9ec 0x3e91cbc6
0x0138ba58 0x3c23d70a
0x0138ba5c 0x40a00000
0x0138ba64 0x42c25621
0x0138ba68 0x42c25621
0x0138ba78 0x3c23d70a
0x0138ba7c 0x40a00000
0x0138ba80 0xc27da3b4
0x0138ba84 0xc27da3b4
0x0138ba98 0x3c23d70a
0x0138ba9c 0x40a00000
0x0138baa0 0x40c38986
0x0138baa4 0x40c38e13
0x0138baa8 0x3a11a000
0x0138bab8 0x3c23d70a
0x0138bac0 0x410b23ec
0x0138bac4 0x3fbee3e7
0x0138bac8 0xc0e68ede
0x0138bad8 0x3c23d70a
0x0138bae4 0x3db2b699
0x0138bae8 0x3db2b699
0x0138bb10 0x411a4ecd
0x0138bb30 0xbf3f04de
0x0138bb34 0x3f2a6f1e
0x0138bb40 0xbf2a6f1e
0x0138bb44 0xbf3f04de
0x0138bb60 0x41e54f42
0x0138bb64 0xc114919d
0x0138bb68 0xc048e686
0x0138bb74 0x3c23d70a
0x0138bb78 0x40a00000
0x0138bb94 0x3c23d70a
0x0138bb98 0x40a00000
0x0138bbc8 0xd8f8c567
0x0138bbe0 0xbf7e6d27
0x0138bbe4 0x3d9cba7c
0x0138bbe8 0xbda3d410
0x0138bc00 0x42c24da8
0x0138bc04 0xc27dbd64
0x0138bc08 0x40f2ac41
0x0138bc50 0xbf3f04de
0x0138bc54 0x3f2a6f1e
0x0138bc60 0xbf2a6f1e
0x0138bc64 0xbf3f04de
0x0138bc80 0x41e54f42
0x0138bc84 0xc114919d
0x0138bc88 0xc048e686
0x0138b908 0x40956a77
0x0138b90c 0x3f431938
0x0138b8f8 0xbffb04c9

;by HaxGurl
;set HZ 15/1000
;recommend that Inf. Ammo
;also uni. rapidfire
;missiles sometimes are invisable
0x00F6DD6C 0xAF010017

#Spread Nades [VIP Release]
;by RTCFlash
;cheat hz 15/1000
;turn on inside game
;turn off before leaving or joining another game
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00653784
0x0000066C 0xE19620AF
0x00000ACC 0xE19620AF
0x000017EC 0xE19620AF
0x0000250C 0xE19620AF
0x0000322C 0xE19620AF
0x00000B40 0x00640078
0x00001860 0x00640078
0x00002580 0x00640078
0x000032A0 0x00640078
0x00003FC0 0x00640078
0x00000AC8 0x3EF10000
0x000017E8 0x3EF10000
0x00002508 0x3EF10000
0x00003228 0x3EF10000
0x00003F48 0x3EF10000
0x00000ADC 0x3EF10000
0x000017FC 0x3EF10000
0x0000251C 0x3EF10000
0x0000323C 0x3EF10000
0x00003F5C 0x3EF10000
0x00000AD0 0x00000000
0x000017F0 0x00000000
0x00002510 0x00000000
0x00003230 0x00000000
0x00003F50 0x00000000
0x00000AF8 0x4F010000

#MG42 Mod
;Works On Every map
;were MG42 can be used
;Glitchy but oh well
;Then Restart Mission
;and baaam mg42 on you
0x00657d88 0x31053dc7

#No Overheat
;Active during Mission
0x013219EC 0x00000000

#MG42 Slow Rockets/No overheat
;Active during Mission
0x013219EC 0x00000000
0x013219F4 0x3D000000
0x013219FC 0xD9BE066F
0x01321A28 0x00010000

#Allies Flag Cap
;controls how much points 1 flag cap gives u
0x00658764 0x0000FFFF

#Axsis Flag Cap
;controls how much points 1 flag cap gives u
0x00658768 0x0000FFFF

#Long Room Name
0x0064BBAC 0x00000000
0x0064BBB0 0x00000000
0x0064BBB4 0x00000000
0x0064BBB8 0x00000000
0x0064BBBC 0x00000000
0x0064BBC0 0x00000000
0x0064BBC4 0x00000000

#No Weapon Recoil
0x001707B8 0x00000000

#Rapid Fire 1 Weapon
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00653784
0x000001F8 0x00010000
0x00000240 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00000280 0x00420006
0x00000F18 0x00010000
0x00000F60 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00000FA0 0x00420006
0x00001C38 0x00010000
0x00001C80 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00001CC0 0x00420006
0x00002958 0x00010000
0x000029A0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000029E0 0x00420006
0x00003678 0x00010000
0x000036C0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00003700 0x00420006
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00653784
0x00004398 0x00010000
0x000043E0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00004420 0x00420006
0x000050B8 0x00010000
0x00005100 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00005140 0x00420006
0x00005DD8 0x00010000
0x00005E20 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00005E60 0x00420006
0x00006AF8 0x00010000
0x00006B40 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00006B80 0x00420006
0x00007818 0x00010000
0x00007860 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000078A0 0x00420006
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00653784
0x00008538 0x00010000
0x00008580 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000085C0 0x00420006
0x00009258 0x00010000
0x000092A0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000092E0 0x00420006
0x00009F78 0x00010000
0x00009FC0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x0000A000 0x00420006
0x0000AC98 0x00010000
0x0000AD20 0x00420006
0x0000B9B8 0x00010000
0x0000BA00 0xFFFFFFFF
0x0000BA40 0x00420006
0x0000C6D8 0x00010000
0x0000C720 0xFFFFFFFF
0x0000C760 0x00420006
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00653784
0x0000D3F8 0x00010000
0x0000D440 0xFFFFFFFF
0x0000D480 0x00420006

#Elivator Up/Down
;Walk through Walls
0x001BF714 0x0A383480
0x0060D200 0x3C0808E3
0x0060D204 0x8D0886DC
0x0060D208 0x3C093E80
0x0060D20C 0x3C0A3E80
0x0060D210 0x3C0B3E80
0x0060D214 0x3C0C08DD
0x0060D218 0x8D8C3068
0x0060D21C 0x240D0001
0x0060D220 0x158D000D
0x0060D224 0xC5020070
0x0060D228 0x44891800
0x0060D22C 0x46031100
0x0060D230 0xE5040070
0x0060D234 0xC5050074
0x0060D238 0x448A3000
0x0060D23C 0x460629C0
0x0060D240 0xE5070074
0x0060D244 0xC5080078
0x0060D248 0x448B4800
0x0060D24C 0x46094280
0x0060D250 0xE50A0078
0x0060D254 0x1000000E
0x0060D258 0x240D0080
0x0060D25C 0x158D000C
0x0060D260 0xC5020070
0x0060D264 0x44891800
0x0060D268 0x46031101
0x0060D26C 0xE5040070
0x0060D270 0xC5050074
0x0060D274 0x448A3000
0x0060D278 0x460629C1
0x0060D27C 0xE5070074
0x0060D280 0xC5080078
0x0060D284 0x448B4800
0x0060D288 0x46094281
0x0060D28C 0xE50A0078
0x0060D290 0x10000000
0x0060D294 0x3C0E1102
0x0060D298 0x35CE0344
0x0060D29C 0xAD0E0290
0x0060D2A0 0x3C0F3F80
0x0060D2A4 0x35EF0000
0x0060D2A8 0xAD0F0488
0x0060D2AC 0x3C1808A4
0x0060D2B0 0x3C193C04
0x0060D2B4 0x37390000
0x0060D2B8 0xAF19005C
0x0060D2BC 0x03E00008

#Walk Through Walls
0x0024005C 0x00000000

#See Through Walls
0x00355CAC 0x3C05F000

#Shoot Through Walls
;Offline Only
0x002A9978 0x3C044080

#Custom Jump
;press select to Jump
;credit OldSkooL
0x000FD988 0x0A381431
0x006050C4 0x3C1908E3
0x006050C8 0x8F2A86DC
0x006050CC 0x3C1808DD
0x006050D0 0x87183068
0x006050D4 0x240F0001
0x006050D8 0x170F0006
0x006050E0 0xC54F0078
0x006050E4 0x3C0B3DCC
0x006050E8 0x448B8000
0x006050EC 0x46107BC0
0x006050F0 0xE54F0078
0x006050F4 0x03E00008

#Chat Color L+Up/Down
;L+UP To Activate
;L+Down To Deactivate
0x00112D54 0x0E20009F
0x00000270 0x2E74654A
0x00000274 0x6B436148
0x0000027C 0x00000052
0x0000027C 0x3C0808DD
0x00000280 0x85083068
0x00000284 0x3C0908E5
0x00000288 0x340A0110
0x0000028C 0x340B0140
0x00000290 0x3C0CFF0F
0x00000294 0x358D00F2
0x00000298 0x3C0EFFFF
0x0000029C 0x35CEFFFF
0x000002A0 0x150A0002
0x000002A8 0xAD2D3220
0x000002AC 0x150B0002
0x000002B4 0xAD2E3220
0x000002B8 0x03E00008
0x000002BC 0x0E2600DD

#Axis Radar
;Force Team Witch
0x0065825C 0x00000100

#Allies Radar
;Force Team Switch
0x0065825C 0x00000001

#Instant reload/Quick Switch
0x0005D7B0 0x3C04FFFF

#See Through Walls
0x00355CAC 0x3C05F000

#Shoot Through Walls (Offline Only)
0x002A9978 0x3C044080

#Grenade Nuke
0x00411CFC 0x3C064080

#Bouncing Bombs
0x006369E4 0x01010000

#Sticky Nades
0x0020B4D8 0x3F80

#Sticky Nades 2
0x0020B4D8 0x0020B4D8

#Red Tint Screen
0x000FD72C 0x4100

#Sky Flash
0x0072E715 0x00

#Drunk Mode
0x0072E61D 0x00
;Damn. Double vision, and things start to appear closer than you

#Camera Mod
0x000849AC 0x3C054040

#Infinite Stamina
;set CheatHz to 15/100
0xFFFFFFFF 0x006286DC
0x00002168 0x42C80000

#Inf Health (offline)
;Set CheatHz to 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x006286DC
0x000004C4 0x43c80000

0x002c8890 0x03E00008
0x002c8894 0x00000000

#Enemy VC
0x000206fc 0x03E00008
0x00020700 0x00000000

#Ghost Town
0x0004f440 0x03E00008
0x0004f444 0x00000000

#Bow Down
0x00050f18 0x03E00008
0x00050f1c 0x00000000

#jokered flash
;hold select
0x000fd988 0x0a381431
0x006050c4 0x3c190897
0x006050cc 0x3c1808dd
0x006050d0 0x87183068
0x006050d4 0x240f0001
0x006050dc 0x130f0006
0x006050e4 0x3c0e3c04
0x006050e8 0x25ce3f80
0x006050ec 0xaf2eadc0
0x006050f0 0x03e00008
0x006050f8 0x3c0e3c04
0x006050fc 0x25ce40a0
0x00605100 0xaf2eadc0
0x00605104 0x03e00008

#mark + recall
;save with select + left
;recall with select + right
0x000fd988 0x0a381431
0x006050c4 0x3c0a08e3
0x006050c8 0x8d4b86dc
0x006050cc 0x3c0908dd
0x006050d0 0x85293068
0x006050d4 0x240c0101
0x006050d8 0x152c0009
0x006050e0 0x3c0d08e0
0x006050e4 0x8d6e0070
0x006050e8 0xadae50a8
0x006050ec 0x8d6e0074
0x006050f0 0xadae50ac
0x006050f4 0x8d6e0078
0x006050f8 0xadae50b0
0x00605100 0x10000010
0x00605144 0x240c0201
0x00605148 0x152c0009
0x00605150 0x3c0d08e0
0x00605154 0x8dae50a8
0x00605158 0xad6e0070
0x0060515c 0x8dae50ac
0x00605160 0xad6e0074
0x00605164 0x8dae50b0
0x00605168 0xad6e0078
0x00605170 0x10000013
0x006051c0 0x03e00008

#Custom Jump
;press select to jump
0x000fd988 0x0a381431
0x006050c4 0x3c1908e3
0x006050c8 0x8f2a86dc
0x006050cc 0x3c1808dd
0x006050d0 0x87183068
0x006050d4 0x240f0001
0x006050d8 0x170f0006
0x006050e0 0xc54f0078
0x006050e4 0x3c0b3dcc
0x006050e8 0x448b8000
0x006050ec 0x46107bc0
0x006050f0 0xe54f0078
0x006050f4 0x03e00008

#!!-----(WEAPIN EXPLOSIONS)-----

0x00080CBC 0x0A383700
0x0060DC00 0x3C1908E4
0x0060DC04 0x8F39B310
0x0060DC08 0x1B200007
0x0060DC0C 0x8F380004
0x0060DC10 0x3C0FBC28
0x0060DC14 0x35EF9EAE
0x0060DC18 0xAF0F01F4
0x0060DC1C 0x3C0E0001
0x0060DC20 0x35CE0000
0x0060DC24 0xAF0E0220
0x0060DC28 0x03E00008

#!!-----(NADE SHOOTERS)-----

#Uni All Primary Weapons Shoot N
;by RTCFlash
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00653784
0x0000020C 0xE19620AF
0x00000238 0x00010000
0x00000280 0x00420006

#Pistols Shoot Grenades[TDM,CTF]
;By Jet.HaCkR
;Allies Pistol
0x00FA1430 0xFFFE0014
0x00FA1444 0xE19620AF
;Axis Pistol
0x00FA1470 0x00010000
0x00FA19D0 0xFFFE0014
;Allies Pistol
0x00FA19E4 0xE19620AF
0x00FA1A10 0x00010000
;Axis Pistol
0x00F6D7C0 0xFFFE0014
0x00F6D7D4 0xE19620AF
;Allies Pistol
0x00F6D800 0x00010000
0x00F6D5E0 0xFFFE0014
;Axis Pistol
0x00F6D5F4 0xE19620AF
0x00F6D620 0x00010000
;Allies Pistol
0x00DFABB0 0xFFFE0014
0x00DFABC4 0xE19620AF
;Axis Pistol
0x00DFABF0 0x00010000
0x00DFAF70 0xFFFF0014
;Allies Pistol
0x00DFAF84 0xE19620AF
0x00DFAFB0 0x00010000
;Axis Pistol
0x00F48E00 0xFFFF0014
0x00F48E14 0xE19620AF
;CTF Sewers
;Allies Pistol
0x00F48E40 0x00010000
0x00F482C0 0xFFFF0014
;Axis Pistol
0x00F482D4 0xE19620AF
0x00F48300 0x00010000
;CTF Village
;Allies Pistol
0x00DFABB0 0x00DFABB0
0x00DFABC4 0xE19620AF

#Grenade Launchers
0x00080DCC 0x0A38370E
0x0060DC38 0x3C1908E4
0x0060DC3C 0x8F39B310
0x0060DC40 0x1B200007
0x0060DC44 0x8F380004
0x0060DC48 0x3C0FE196
0x0060DC4C 0x35EF20AF
0x0060DC50 0xAF0F01F4
0x0060DC54 0x3C0E0001
0x0060DC58 0x35CE0000
0x0060DC5C 0xAF0E0220
0x0060DC60 0x03E00008

#!!-----(ENEMY LOCATIONS)-----

#!-----(Reveal Enemy Positions)---

#City 1 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B394C0

#City 2 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B39A30

#City 3 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B39FA0

#City 4 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B3A510

#City 5 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B3AA80

#City 1 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B39510

#City 2 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B39A80

#City 3 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B39FF0

#City 4 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B3A560

#City 5 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B3AAD0

#!-----(Reveal Enemy Positions)---

#Port 1 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B85B10

#Port 2 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B86080

#Port 3 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B865F0

#Port 4 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B86B60

#Port 5 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B870D0

#Port 1 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B85D60

#Port 2 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B862D0

#Port 3 (Dm)
0x013E0410 0x09B86840

#Port 4 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B86DB0

#Port 5 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B87320

#!-----(Reveal Enemy Positions)--

#Base 1 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B52D60

#Base 2 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B532D0

#Base 3 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B53840

#Base 4 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B53DB0

#Base 5 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B54320

#Base 1 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B52B50

#Base 2 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B530C0

#Base 3 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B53630

#Base 4 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B53BA0

#Base 5 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B54110

#!-----(Reveal Enemy Positions)--

#Sewers 1 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x099C4AF0

#Sewers 2 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x099C5060

#Sewers 3 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x099C55D0

#Sewers 4 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x099C5B40

#Sewers 5 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x099C60B0

#Sewers 1 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x099C4A80

#Sewers 2 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x099C4FF0

#Sewers 3 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x099C5560

#Sewers 4 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x099C5AD0

#Sewers 5 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x099C6040

#!-----(Reveal Enemy Positions)--

#Village 1 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09ADE580

#Village 2 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09ADEAF0

#Village 3 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09ADF060

#Village 4 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09ADF5D0

#Village 5 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09ADFB40

#Village 1 (Dm)
0x013E0410 0x09ADD660

#Village 2 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09ADDBD0

#Village 3 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09ADE140

#Village 4 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09ADE6B0

#Village 5 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09ADEC20

#!-----(Reveal Enemy Positions)--

#Monestery 1 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B78120

#Monestery 2 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B78690

#Monestery 3 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B78C00

#Monestery 4 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B79170

#Monestery 5 (TDM)
0x013E0410 0x09B796E0

#Monestery 1 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B67850

#Monestery 2 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B67DC0

#Monestery 3 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B68330

#Monestery 4 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B688A0

#Monestery 5 (DM)
0x013E0410 0x09B68E10

#!-----(Reveal Enemy Positions)--

#Sewers 1 (CTF)
0x013E0410 0x099CB610

#Sewers 2 (CTF)
0x013E0410 0x099CBB80

#Sewers 3 (CTF)
0x013E0410 0x099CC0F0

#Sewers 4 (CTF)
0x013E0410 0x099CC660

#Sewers 5 (CTF)
0x013E0410 0x099CCBD0

#Village 1 (CTF)
0x013E0410 0x09AD01B0

#Village 2 (CTF)
0x013E0410 0x09AD0720

#Village 3 (CTF)
0x013E0410 0x09AD0C90

#Village 4 (CTF)
0x013E0410 0x09AD1200

#Village 5 (CTF)
0x013E0410 0x09AD1770

#!-----(Reveal Enemy Positions---

#Allies Reveal Axis 1(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B85B10

#Allies Reveal Axis 2(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B86080

#Allies Reveal Axis 3(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B865F0

#Allies Reveal Axis 4(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B86B60

#Allies Reveal Axis 5(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B870D0

#Allies Reveal Axis 6(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B87640

#Allies Reveal Axis 7(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B87BB0

#Allies Reveal Axis 8(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B88120

#Allies Reveal Axis 9(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B88690

#Allies Reveal Axis 10(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B88C00

#Allies Reveal Axis 11(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B89170

#Allies Reveal Axis 12(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B896E0

#Allies Reveal Axis 13(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B89C50

#Allies Reveal Axis 14(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B8A1C0

#Allies Reveal Axis 15(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B8A730

#Allies Reveal Axis 16(Port)
0x013E0410 0x09B8ACA0

#!!-----(GUN MODS)------

#GUN > Thompson
0x00658268 0xAD856765

0x00658268 0x1AA20FE4

#GUN > M1 Garand
0x00658268 0x9B42A47B

#GUN > Springfield
0x00658268 0xCAE6F38C

#GUN > Shotgun
0x00658268 0x3D07D75C

0x00658268 0x496D946C

#GUN > MP40
0x00658268 0x884F2C3D

#GUN > STG44
0x00658268 0x5D2EC456

#GUN > Karabiner
0x00658268 0x668B0716

#GUN > Gewhr Rifle
0x00658268 0xBBBD860C

#GUN > Panzshreck
0x00658268 0x496337DE

#GUN > Allies Pistol
0x00658268 0xD8F8C567

#GUN > Allies Grenade
0x00658268 0x564454F4

#GUN > Axis Pistol
0x00658268 0x30A9BC61

#GUN > Stick Grenade
0x00658268 0x55F0F69E

#GUN > .45 Automatic
0x00658268 0xD8F8C567

#GUN > Luger
0x00658268 0x30A9BC61

#GUN > Allies Nade
0x00658270 0x564454F4

#GUN > Axis Nade
0x00658270 0x55F0F69E

#!!-----(PISTOL MODS)-----

0x0065826C 0x668B0716

0x0065826C 0x3D07D75C

0x0065826C 0x1AA20FE4

0x0065826C 0x5D2EC45C

0x0065826C 0x9B42A47B

0x0065826C 0xAD8567E5

#Pistol>>Gewhr Rifle
0x0065826C 0xBBBD860C

#Pistol>>SpringField Rifle
0x0065826C 0xCAE6F38C

0x0065826C 0x496337DE

0x0065826C 0x884F2C3D

#Pistol>>M1 Bazooka
0x0065826C 0x496D946C

#!!-----(NADE MODS)-----

0x00658270 0x668B0716

0x00658270 0x3D07D75C

0x00658270 0x1AA20FE4

0x00658270 0x5D2EC45C

0x00658270 0x9B42A47B

0x00658270 0xAD8567E5

#Grenade>>Gewhr Rifle
0x00658270 0xBBBD860C

#Grenade>>SpringField Rifle
0x00658270 0xCAE6F38C

0x00658270 0x496337DE

0x00658270 0x884F2C3D

#Grenade>>M1 Bazooka
0x00658270 0x496D946C

#!!-----(UNIFORM MODS)-----

#Axis Elite(Uniform Mod)
0x00658264 0xE61BE829

#Allies Uniform (2nd)
0x00658264 0xAAEC9BA4

#Axis Uniform (Rookie)
0x00658264 0x6A5945B0

#Axis Regular(Uniform Mod)
0x00658264 0xE4885AB0

#Allies(4th)Uniform mod
0x00658264 0x17FA51E6

#Allies(5th)Uniform Mod
0x00658264 0x16383BD1
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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (ULUS-10310 )
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